About The Brand


Aryeh Rephun, Founder|CEO of Aryeh & Co.      

Aryeh and Co. is a leading bespoke jewelry company offering the finest selection of precious gems and diamonds. The Aryeh and Co. team of award-winning jewelers, has gained notoriety for their magnificent bridal line and custom-designed Jewelry.

Founded by Aryeh Rephun in 2018, Aryeh and Co. has steadily developed into one of of the most reputable and reliable high jewelry brands in the United States today.

Aryeh and Co.’s commitment to uncompromising quality and the premium customer experience has earned Aryeh and Co. an extremely loyal following. Most importantly, the Aryeh and Co. brand is built on core values of trust, transparency, and integrity. At Aryeh and Co., we believe in celebrating love, and we express that through the impeccable quality of our services and products.

The Aryeh and Co. team works closely with each one of our clients to ensure they feel confident and excited throughout the design process, as we craft exquisite, unique pieces suited to make every occasion truly unforgettable.